fast food

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this has to be one of the best info graphics examples I’ve come across in a long time. The obvious reasons are the application of a suited colour pallete, type face selection, evidence of hierarachy and contrast in the information presented. However, what I like the most about it is the creativity in the use of pie graphs. They are definitely not our average pie graphs and are in no way boring. Using appropriate illustrations to show the information is done very well. Although there is a LOT of information on this to go through, the design and layout make it so much easier for us to read and understand. A+++

unnamed m8ufrws9 American dudes & fast foods


take time out

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Although slightly confusing to read, this poster in my opinion is a good example of creating movement in a composition with typography. The added strokes that connect the words do help emphasize the movement more. The colours are subtle yet create a nice contrast against the baige text. The application of the same typography on the photograph of a car also works successfully without getting lost against a busy background.

tumblr lmx51k2Ssf1qbbx6jo1 r2 500 Take Me Out

fast hands

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Simple and effective advertising gets the message across better than the ones with all the bells and whistles. I’ve seen this painted hand thing done in many contexts but this has to be the first time I’m seeing it in an advertisement. The blue background emphasizes the ocean and beach imagery that is often related with the idea of Jamaica and vacationing at the beach. So the colour palette¬†is defintely chosen to enhance the meaning. Over all a successful ad in my opinion.

attjamaica Art, advertising and body painting


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I need to learn info graphics like this!

There is clever use of colour although it is subtle. The grid system and alignment is apparent and very neatly organized. The fonts used showcase a good hierarachy with varying sizes, cuts, and colour. The illustration is simple but communciates the idea.

Design, infographic, ho-muiwong

beer me a design

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crisp and clean fonts, vibrant colours and a unique texture that emphasizes the cold, refreshing, taste of beer. What more could I ask for in a beer label. I am starting to become a fan of condensed typefaces. So this I love.

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Bit of a downer but this is probably the best typographically designed tombstone I’ve ever seen. The alignment, typeface, weight, and the black on white contrast is perfect. There is obvious hierarchy with the varying sizes in the text. And even though the font size isn’t massive, the placement of it in isolation on an all black surface makes it legible and visually interesting.

Design, memorial, tonywilson

texture challange

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Last week in class we learned about the several challanges of working with type against a busy background texture. Its definitely difficult to make thin serif type faces stand out against backgrounds similar to what we’re seeing in the image below. However, this example shows a good solution to the problem. By using a slightly lighter yellow shade in the typeface, the contrast is good enough to help the information stand out against the detailed background. The overall alignment and placement of the text also contributes in providing better legibility against the texture of the background.

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