yo bro-chure

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This brochure design by Jeremy Mlodik shows good use of modern and edgy design to create an informative and easy to read layout. There is plenty of negative space, the colours show good contrast and there is hierarchy in the various elements.


oodles of noodles

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I find ambient advertising to be much more effective in capturing the viewers attention. This particular ad campain for cup noodles’ low calorie product is a good example of successful ambient advertising. The visual works effectively in delivering the message and attempts to convince the audience of its low cal weight loss benefits by exaggerating the visual.

The ad was created by Korean ad agency, Adrich under creative director, Eun Myung Hee.

logo love

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Logos in my opinion are the toughest thing to design. Especially when you’re trying to make the logo relate to the product/service it represents. This logo design for Edgeboard chopping boards is a great example of conveying the product’s benefit and features through the identity. The logo was designed by Hampus Jageland.

The idea is to show the feature of this special cutting board that has an edge to help food slide off. The letters E and B (initials for Edge Board) are use in a clever manner to create an edge like visual and also tie in together well.

A+ in my books.

in a line

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This poster design by Andrea Gallo uses simple shapes and black and white colour contrast to create a visually appealing yet informative poster. The graphic created uses simple shapes to create a building like image that symbolizes the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The shapes create direction and in the composition and the black and white colour palette creates a strong contrast while keeping the design simple. There is clear hierarchy in the information provided by the use of varying type weights and sizes.

Design, andreagallo, architects

More from this series at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roosterization/sets/72157626325929842/detail/

tea time

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Excellent ad that does a direct comparision of product to nature to create emphasis on the flavour and characteristics of the product itself. A strong and direct relationship is created with the right half of the composition by a single stroke and cut out triangular shapes that are the same colour and texture of the image to the right. The stroke and triangular shapes also help create a sense of direction and lead our eye from one side of composition to another.

Design, tazo, baker

Campaign designed by Vanessa Carni Baker from Nashville.

no lemons here

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Volkswagon has often shown innovation in their advertising, and this particular ambient ad is no exception. A very effective and creative way of conveying the message, while taking advantage of the weather to convince audiences to test drive a VW. This ad created by DDB goes to show that ambient advertising too can be made effective by using simple elements.

Design, vw, billboard

this blows, big bubbles

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Clever is the word for this ad. I’ve always wondered what the inside of a hubba bubba bubble looks like. This ad delivers the message very effectively with using only visuals. The hierarchy however in the caption is still apparent because of its placement and size. By isolating the caption and the product packaging, our eye is drawn to it first. The colour used in the ad makes a visual association with the product being advertised.

Over all a very successful campaign in my opinion.

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